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Healthcare Resource Groups (HRGs)


What are the current reporting requirements for Healthcare Resource Groups in the Commissioning Data Sets?


Although the Commissioning Data Sets still contain the data elements to report Healthcare Resource Groups (HRG), these fields do not need to be populated and transmitted to the Secondary Uses Service (SUS). HRG 3.2 is the currency for A & E, but HRG4 is now the currency for Admitted Patient Care (APC) and Out-Patients (OP).

It is still possible for trusts to submit HRG 3.2 Codes in the Accident and Emergency Attendance Commissioning Data Set, but there is no national requirement to do so. Should you choose to transmit these codes SUS will not reject the records but these locally derived HRGs will not be used in SUS Payment by Results processing.

Technically it is not possible for trusts to send HRG4 codes for APC and OP (the XML has a 3 character field, and HRG4 is 5 characters). There is no requirement for trusts to submit HRG3.5 codes for APC and OP.

There are no plans for the Commissioning Data Sets to be amended to accept the new 4 digit field output by the version 4 HRG grouper software. The HRG will be derived when the data is received by Secondary Uses Service.

The Commissioning Data Set structures and related XML schemas will be updated to remove the HRG data items within the Commissioning Data Sets as part of the next major update to the Commissioning Data Sets.

Organisations can still download the HRG software for local use from The NHS Information Centre for Health and Social Care website:

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