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New ODS Content – Interim Information

Please note, documents summarising additional changes to ODS data, required to reflect organisations designed subsequent to the release of the Health Act, are available to download here


The 2011 Health and Social Care Bill outlined a wide range of changes to the structure of the NHS, including the abolition of several types of organisation and the introduction of a number of new ones. Subsequent to this a number of additional new entities have been introduced as part of the process of designing the new service that been undertaken by the NHS Commissioning Board.

It is vital that these changes to the organisational makeup of the health service are reflected within the ODS data products. Accordingly, the ODS: 2011 Health & Social Care Bill Change Information Standards Notice has already been developed and approved, and was released by the Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care in February 2012; this specifies the legislative changes outlined in the Health Act. A further ISN which will capture the non-legislative changes that were not detailed in the Health Act is in development now, and scheduled for release at the beginning of December 2012.

The implementation date specified by the Health Act is 1 April 2013. Despite this several of the new organisation types are already established to an extent where it has been possible for ODS to allocate and maintain identifiers for them. In addition there are a number of requirements for users to have access to the identifiers in advance of the organisations themselves receiving full, formal and/or statutory authorisation – not least that the organisations themselves need to begin putting various elements of infrastructure in place to allow them to be fully functional as soon as they receive that authorisation.

To this end ODS are making a series of ‘interim' files that contain identifiers and details for these organisations available prior to April 2013. This includes:

  • Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)
  • Mapping of member GP Practices to their CCGs
  • NHS Commissioning Board Commissioning Regions (NHS CB CRs)
  • NHS Commissioning Board Area Teams (NHS CB ATs)
  • Mapping of CCG-to-AT-to-CR
  • Commissioning Support Units
  • Data Management and Integration Centres

Caveats for Use

Users must be aware that all of the interim information released on this web page is provided on a strictly ‘best endeavours' basis and that it includes unauthorised organisations, made available with the strict following caveats:

Users implement the files at their own risk.

These are not authoritative products – users are not mandated to implement them in live systems or services (indeed they are expected to avoid doing so).

The files may be incomplete; ODS can only include information on organisations they have been made aware of.

The information in the interim files is subject to change.

The format of the files can change without further Standard Notifications (although every effort would be made to communicate such change to users in advance).

Technical Details

The file specifications for each of the Interim files are supplied alongside the download links for the files themselves, at the bottom of this page. The files will be made live as soon as the data are ready for publication.

Further background information on data supplied in each of the files is provided separately:

Clinical Commissioning Groups and Mapping Information

Sub-Divisions of the NHS Commissioning Board

Commissioning Support Entities 

Release Information

Once released, ongoing publication of the interim files on this web page will continue until all the organisations are authorised, at which point they will be withdrawn.

Note that plans are for all of the organisations to have received authorisation by April 2013 so the interim files should no longer be required after this, although if one or more do miss the authorisation deadline then their interim file will be retained for as long as required.

The files will not follow the standard ODS release schedules; instead, updated files will be released on this web page as and when new information is available. Notifications of new Interim files becoming available will be released in a mail to the ODS CCG Mailing List (subscribe to the ODS CCG Mailing list at the bottom of this page). Old versions of the files will remain available on request.


Download Files 


Interim CCG file mapping to NHSCB Area Teams and NHSCB Commissioning Regions

(Please note that this file does not include any CCG that was closed prior to 30/11/2012)

File Name File Description Date Created
interimCCG_New_Associations (version 5) (ZIP, 8.5kB)  Clinical Commissioning Groups  15/03/2013
interimCCG_New_Associations (version 4) (ZIP, 8.6kB)     01/02/2013 
interimCCG_New_Associations (version 3) (ZIP, 7.4kB)    23/01/2013
interimCCG_New_Associations (version 2) (ZIP, 4.9kB)    10/01/2013
interimCCG_New_Associations (version 1) (ZIP, 2.9kB)    30/11/2012


Interim CCG Site file

File Name File Description Date Created
interimCCGSite (version 3) (ZIP, 7.4kB) Clinical Commissioning Group Sites  15/03/2013
interimCCGSite (version 2) (ZIP, 4.5kB)    11/02/2013 
interimCCGSite (version 1) (ZIP, 3.4kB)   01/02/2013  


Interim CCG file mapping to SHA and Pan-SHA

File Name File Description Date Created
interimCCG (version 6) (ZIP, 9.1kB) Clinical Commissioning Groups  01/02/2013
interimCCG (version 5) (ZIP, 7.9kB)     23/01/2013
interimCCG (version 4) (ZIP, 5.4kB)    10/01/2013
interimCCG (version 3) (ZIP, 3.4kB)     26/10/2012
interimCCG (version 2) (ZIP, 3.4kB)    06/07/2012
interimCCG (version 1) (ZIP, 3.3kB)  29/06/2012


Interim epcmem file including mappings from GP Practice to CCG

File Name File Description Date Created
interimpcmem (version 5) (ZIP, 28.2kB) (ZIP, 24.2kB)  GP Practice to Clinical Commissioning Group Mappings  15/03/2013
interimpcmem (version 4) (ZIP, 24.2kB)     23/01/2013
interimpcmem (version 3) (ZIP, 24.5kB)     26/10/2012
interimpcmem (version 2) (ZIP, 24.6kB)    06/07/2012 
interimpcmem (version 1)  (ZIP, 24.6kB)    29/06/2012 

Please note: from version 4 of the interimpcmem file we are only including "Active" GP Practices.

 GP practice reparenting schedule (PDF, 45.3kB)

Interim eauth file including NHSCB Commissioning Regions and Area Teams

File Name File Description Date Created
interimeauth (version 3) (ZIP, 1.8kB) Commissioning Regions and Area Teams (eauth)  15/03/2013
interimeauth (version 2) (ZIP, 1kB)    01/02/2013
interimeauth (version 1) (ZIP, 1kB)   16/10/2012  


Interim ecsu file including Commissioning Support Units

File Name File Description Date Created
interimCSU (version 5) (ZIP, 1.3kB) Commissioning Support Units  15/03/2013
interimCSU (version 4) (ZIP, 1kB)    23/01/2013
interimCSU (version 3) (ZIP, 1kB)   14/12/2012
interimCSU (version 2) (ZIP, 1kB)   30/11/2012
interimCSU (version 1) (ZIP, 1kB)   16/10/2012 


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