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SNOMED CT Browsers

SNOMED CT is provided in a form suitable to be used by a computer application; it is not immediately viewable by individuals from the release files.

So how do users get to see the content of SNOMED CT?

There are a number of applications called SNOMED CT browsers that allow individuals to look through the SNOMED CT content independant of any electronic patient record system.

Different browsers provide a variety of features and come in different forms; below are details of the free-to-use browsers for the UK Edition of SNOMED CT that the UK Terminology Centre are aware of.

There are three main types of browsers:

  • Desktop application browsers –provide fast searching and display detailed information from the terminology such as relationships and synonyms but need to be installed on your desktop. Examples include CliniClue Xplore and the SNOB browser.
  • Online applications - provide easy online access to the terminology but require you to have an internet connection. Examples of online applications include NPEx Browser and Snoflake.
  • Mobile Device applications - Allows viewing of SNOMED CT on the move. We are not currently aware of any free-to-use mobile applications but low cost applications are available.

Features of browsers

Users need to be aware that browsers can provide very different ways of viewing SNOMED CT: some simply return a list of SNOMED CT terms that match your search words but provide little other information; others provide more information about your chosen term such as synonyms, its relationship to other terms and hierarchical information.

If you wish to inspect all of SNOMED CT, you need to select the browser that provides you with the right features.

List of free-to-use Browsers for the UK Edition

There are a number of free-to-use SNOMED CT terminology browsers to enable the searching and viewing of SNOMED CT content.

The browsers listed below enable users to browse the UK Edition of SNOMED CT:

Disclaimer: The UKTC neither endorses, nor makes any express or implied warranty, nor assumes any liability for the use of these or any other SNOMED CT browsers.

It is the policy of the UK Terminology Centre to list on this page only those browsers which enable the browsing of the UK Edition of SNOMED CT and are free to use. If you would like your browser listing, please email datastandards@nhs.net.