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GPSoC standards and specifications

A number of standards and specifications have been developed to support the implementation of GPSoC and are available as follows:

GPSoC Data Migration Specification (PDF 119Kb)

The purpose of this document is to set out a description of the Data Migration Services in relation to GP clinical IT systems and the associated requirements, roles and responsibilities required to support the migration of GP clinical IT system data. In response to the requirements set out in this document, the Supplier shall produce a document detailing the Supplier's Data Migration Approach.

General Practice IT Infrastructure Specification (PDF 479Kb)

The purpose of this document is to set out the requirements for the IT infrastructure required to support clinical applications in use in GP practices now and in the future. PCTs are required to ensure that the IT infrastructure used to support the delivery of IT in practices meets the requirements set out in this specification.

GPSoC Service Level Specifications and Performance Monitoring (PDF 362Kb)

This document sets out the standards to which the supplier must deliver the GPSoC services, the mechanism by which Service Levels will be managed, and the method by which the supplier's performance under the GPSoC Framework Agreement will be monitored.

GPSoC Service Level Summary (Word, 78Kb)

This document describes the Service Levels within the GPSoC Service Level Specifications and Performance Monitoring document in more detail.


GPSoC Requirements for the Secure Storage and Transmission of Patient Identifiable Data (PDF 102Kb)

This document sets out the various circumstances in which patient identifiable data may be stored or transmitted and sets out the requirements for protecting such data. GPSoC suppliers will be required to comply with the requirements in this specification once they have signed up to the relevant contractual change notice.

Authority Requirements Training: GPSoC (PDF 89Kb)

A set of training standards documents have been developed to outline the best practice around planning, developing, delivering and evaluation of training rollouts. They have been developed through review and drawing together of current best practice in the NHS, and have been approved by a group representing key NHS CFH stakeholders. The purpose of the standards are to help achieve consistency of quality around training in the NHS and to support national evaluation and reporting activities.

The GPSoC Training Requirements document outlines the requirements on suppliers to deliver training in line with agreed standards. Further information are in the ETD standards.