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Change management

What is change management all about?

The NHS is currently undergoing a period of intensive change - technological, social and economic - so there is a real need for all managers to facilitate this change within their organisations and the wider NHS environment.

Focus on change management - why is it important?

Resources and online tools to develop change management skills

Useful books to read

Managing change

There is a variety of sources of change that impact on individuals in their working life:

  • Change for Service Improvement - e.g. changing how we deliver a service
  • Organisational Change - e.g. restructuring / reorganization / mergers
  • Change for Development - e.g. career developments such as promotion, changes in work / life balance

Different types of change require different approaches, but fundamentally managers of staff need to ensure that they support their team through the change. Individuals must also prepare themselves for change. The following diagram illustrates the process of transition that individuals often go through during the course of change.

The process of transition

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