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Training Needs Analysis and Survey

Thank you to all those who returned the Training Needs Analysis and Survey form. The form was sent to all Caldicott Guardians on the Health and Social Care registers. This amounted to 615 Guardians on the Health register and 135 on the Social Care register.

A total of 124 responses were received, which represented an overall response rate of 17%.

Some of the key findings were:

  • 31% of Caldicott Guardians had been in post for less than 1 year and only 27% of respondents had been a Caldicott Guardian for more than 4 years
  • 71% of respondents had been allocated just half a day per week to the role, 15% were allocated less than this, with only a small percentage indicating that they allocated a full day or more each week.
  • 61% of respondents reported that they had received no training at all to help them in their role.

Download the full Training Needs Analysis and Survey report (PDF, 196Kb).

The IG Training Tool

The IG Training Tool (IGTT) is an online tool for all aspects of Information Governance (IG). The aim of the tool is to develop and improve staff knowledge and skills in IG, to support the provision of high-quality health & social care.

Background and overview

The Digital Information Policy team at NHS CFH in conjunction with the UK Council of Caldicott Guardians and a third party supplier developed the training tool. The content of the tool was driven by the training needs analyses carried out in 2007 for Caldicott Guardians and IG leads; and by the requirement for NHS organisations to provide IG assurances, including induction and mandatory IG training. The tool comprises a structured e-learning programme with Introductory, Foundation and Practitioner level modules.

Introductory materials are aimed at all staff members. Foundation materials build on the introductory modules and are relevant to those who process personal information as part of their role; they will also be relevant for those with supervisory responsibilities. Practitioner materials will be primarily for those engaged in or intending to take on IG roles.


Modules released since May 2008 include:

  • Introduction to IG for NHS organisations - Introductory
  • Introduction to IG for general practices - Introductory
  • Password management - Introductory
  • Information security guidelines - Foundation
  • Secure transfers of personal data - Foundation
  • The role of the Caldicott/IG Lead in general practice - Foundation
  • NHS Risk Management modules - Introductory and Foundation
  • Beginner's Guide to Information Governance - Introductory
  • Records Management modules - Foundation and Practitioner
  • The role of the Caldicott Guardian in the NHS and Social Care - Practitioner
  • Patient confidentiality - Foundation

How to access the IGTT

To access the IGTT please visit: http://www.connectingforhealth.nhs.uk/igtrainingtool

Access to the products is via self-registration or guest account. Registered users wishing to register with an email address must have an NHS, or gsi.gov, doctors.org, doctors.net, ac.uk or other authorised email account. There is also a facility for those who wish to register with the IGTT but don't have a corporate or authorised email address.

Guest accounts require no login, but neither will they retain a record of the modules undertaken. The tool has a 'forgotten password' facility and a helpdesk is available if users experience technical problems or would like to raise an issue about content of the materials.