NHS Connecting for Health ceased to exist on 31st March 2013. This website is therefore not being updated. For up to date information about systems and services visit the Health and Social Care Information Centre website at www.hscic.gov.uk/systems

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Background to N3 - The NHS National Network

N3 is the name for the NHS National Network. N3 provides: Fast broadband networking services to the NHS offering reliability and value for money; best value overlay services such as N3 VoIP and N3 Video Conferencing.

N3 is as important to the NHS as road and rail networks are to our daily lives. The high speed network makes it possible to deliver the reforms and new services needed to improve patient care, such as:

N3 is vital to providing the essential technical infrastructure through which benefits to patients, clinicians and the NHS can be realised.

N3 supports several Government policies and initiatives, including modernising public services and creating a knowledge economy based on information and communications technology.

Services are regularly renewed to deliver best value so the NHS doesn't get fixed into old technologies.