NHS Connecting for Health ceased to exist on 31st March 2013. This website is therefore not being updated. For up to date information about systems and services visit the Health and Social Care Information Centre website at www.hscic.gov.uk/systems

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NHAIS system and value-added products and services

An explanation of Key User/System Administrator responsibilities, as referred to in the NHAIS Core System Service Level Agreement, is available as a downloadable document (PDF 115Kb).

Should the information you require not be available, please contact your Service Delivery Manager.

Systems and Service Delivery — NHAIS Core System

These products are part of the NHAIS Core System — and adhere to the same NHAIS Core System SLA.


Service Level Agreement


NHAIS Core System SLA (PDF, 263.0kB)


NHS Health Check

Cervical Cytology Screening

Breast Screening

Independent Communications Manager (ICM)

HA/GP Links

HA/GP Pathology Laboratory Links

HA/Breast Screening Office Links

HA/Screening Links

NHS Central Register

Blood Donor

Organ Donor

Organisation Links

Systems Software

Systems and Service Delivery — value added services for the core NHAIS system

Some of these optional services rely on the provision of the NHAIS Core Service, hence adhere to and are included in the NHAIS Core System SLA. Other Services rely on the provision of the NHAIS Core Service, however they adhere to their own specific service level agreement.

Value Added Service

Service Level Agreement

Download the NHAIS Core System SLA (PDF, 263.0kB)

Unix Support

See Appendix A of Core System SLA

Disaster Recover

See Appendix B of Core System SLA

File Backup Verification

See Appendix C of Core System SLA

System Shadowing

See Appendix D of Core System SLA

Extended Support

See Appendix E of Core System SLA

Breast Screening Audit

Download the Breast Screening Audit Service SLA (PDF, 151.9kB)

Cervical Cytology Screening Audit

Download the Cervical Cytology Audit Service SLA (PDF, 146.0kB)

Systems and Service Delivery — other products/services

Value Added Products and Services

Service Level Agreement

Primary Care Information System (PCIS)

Download the PCIS SLA (PDF, 218.7kB)


Download the MConnect 2 SLA (PDF, 131.6kB)

Ophthalmic Payments System

Download the Ophthalmic Payments System SLA (PDF, 136.2kB)

Bowel Cancer Screening System (BCSS)

Download the BCSS SLA (PDF, 443.7kB)

MHMDS Bureau Service


CDS Bureau Service

Download the CDS Bureau SLA (PDF 76Kb)

Quality Management and Analysis System (QMAS)

Download the QMAS SLA (PDF 96Kb)




Open Exeter

Download the  Open Exeter Service Level Agreement (PDF, 215.4kB)

SSD Secure File Transfer Service

Download the SSD Secure File Transfer Service SLA (PDF, 100.1kB)

DataEase Management Information


Other products/services in which Systems and Service Delivery are involved

The Systems and Service Delivery support team also provide various aspects of support for: