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Value Added Products/Services: Open Exeter - Online Access to the NHAIS System

Give the information in your database to those who need it

The NHAIS System contains a wealth of information that has legitimate uses across a diverse range of bodies and practitioners within the NHS. Open Exeter gives health authorities the power to grant access to this information to authorised organisations; NHS trusts, GP practices, laboratories, pharmacists. Full control remains with the health authority; security is of the highest importance, and data protection regulations are observed at all times.

In future, this page will discuss some of the ways that Open Exeter can be used by different NHS staff. In the meantime, the links below will enable you to download the form that should be completed to provide access to the NHAIS System for your colleagues in associated NHS organisations. This form can be used by existing users of Open Exeter to set up a new connection, or for new health authorities to begin using Open Exeter for the first time. Note that the form can only be signed by authorised users, both at the health authority and the connecting organisation.

Note: the data user certificate forms for the MCDS Project, comprising of the CAMHS, Maternity and Child Health Datasets, will be made available at a later date.

Open Exeter Demonstration

Users with N3 connections can see an online demonstration of Open Exeter.

More Information

For general Open Exeter enquiries, for example, access application/password resets. please contact our helpdesk on 0845 371 3671. Other enquiries should be submitted via email to exeter.helpdesk@nhs.net. Please include 'Open Exeter' in the subject line.